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American Weather

To be honest you have to do research on where you’re going to live. The U.S is broken into different regions. It’s different with everybody how they break up the U.S. Personally I break it to the West,East,North,South, and Southwest. I know i forgot about the Midwest and the Northeast but I tend to not think of those states very much and clump them in with the bolded. I was just stating personal opinion.


Climate tends to be great if you live in California and it depends on what part of Cali you live in as well. Places like Washington and Oregon tend to be on the rainier side. High suicide rates because of the weather but not the only factor for the suicide rates. The sun is a rare thing up there. It’s cold and rainy. Have you seen twilight before and there was no sun right well there goes how Seattle is. However, you say west most people think of Cali automatically and the great weather and beaches.


The Big Apple and hint hint I heard only tourist say the Big Apple instead of New York. I got to make sure to erase it from my vocab. Anywho, the weather is 4 seasons.  Winter, spring,summer, and fall, four seasons. The winters seem to be pretty harsh from what I see on t.v. I think a couple of years ago or whatever the snow finally melted when the summer began. That’s how much snow fell that year. They missed months of school. New York isn’t the only state, buy New Jersey, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maine and some more.


The weather is like the east and some would consider some east coast states part of the north. However, Chicago is called the Windy City and the building are made flexible for the strong winds. So that’s a factor to consider. Most people now it’ll be cold in the winter so don’t wear light clothes. Put layers of clothing on to be safe and healthy. Expect to go to work in 10 inches of snow unless there’s a snowstorm.


OMG THE BUGS!!! THEY’RE HUGE AND HAVE NO RESPECT!! When I moved down south I was terrified of the bugs, but I digressed. The summers can be humid for many people. It can get pretty muggy pretty quick. For some it takes time to get use to breathing down, so if you have breathing problems take it slow, be careful. The winters aren’t as bad like up North (and east). People tend to exaggerate when it comes to snow. One drop of snow falls and everything shuts down.


You basically living in the desert literally. Born and lived in the southwest for majority of life and the heat will kill you. You will have heat warnings so beware of the summer days. There really is like 2 seasons. spring/fall whichever one you want to say and summer. You can wear shorts and flip flops all year round. I know I did, my ma had to force me to wear sneakers in December. ahha. Don’t expect much rainfall or snow really. Expect a lot of sunny days. The heat will burn your skin because the heat is very dry. Also expect fire every year don’t be afraid.


Well I decided to put this in here, so yeah. From the little information I know about this area. It tends be windy and dusty.This is where the Dust Bowl happened, but I don’t think it’d happen again. Unless there isn’t a lot of houses around. There tends to be droughts here as well and good farming land if your’re a farmer, idk.

Please, where ever state in your going to visit or live in, do check out how the weather is. Even if they are in the same region, sometimes they can be quite different and some states are so big that the weather can be different within the areas of a state. This was just a general glance of American weather.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed

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Why are we Ugly Americans?

I think we have this stereotype because well, we live in an isolated world. I’m so serious. I hardly ever know what is going on around the world. The local news and even national news don’t talk too much about international affairs. It’s very much focused on  what’s going in America or how it affects us. Also, since we’re such a big country and most of us hardly know what’s going on in other parts of America. I’m serious! Since we don’t get too much outside information and if we do get it it’s from an American perspective which can be very tainted, because you know things will get twisted and flipped. Many of us don’t even think about going outside of America let alone a different state. If you come to America so many of us don’t have passports. I’m included in this but that will be changing shortly.

I digressed, but that’s how it is. The state where I moved to I was so shocked that there’s so many people that have never been outside the city! I was shocked but now I’m use to hearing it. On top of us not having the incentives to travel to other countries too often. We’re taught that everyone wants to come here and everyone speaks English. That’s only said because it’s the international languages despite many people from other countries not knowing a lick of English or fear speaking. So, in general when we do finally go to a different country many of us speak English to the locals, expecting to know what we are saying. Yes, many will go to your country and not learn one word. No, hello, goodbye, help me, thanks, nothing but “Can you speak English” in English. Still doesn’t makes sense because if someone came up to me speaking German in America asking me questions, I’d be like, “What?!”. So, I don’t know what my fellow Americans expect ahah. I say keep walking unless they try to speak your language.

So not only are we all about me,me,me, and some more me, we’re taught everyone is there to basically accommodate us by already being taught English in school.  Also, include we’re not totally forced to learn a language. In high school we have to take up another language for 2 yrs, however the classes are pretty easy and most don’t force us to truly learn and we do the bare minimum. As long as you get a “C” you’re good and repeat what you learned in the chapter you’re good to go. It’s never reinforced at home, where we go back to speaking English and forget what we learned that day. Things have probably have changed a bit but I wasn’t forced to take a 2nd language in middle school but you did have the option of taking Spanish.

Really in general we’re pretty ignorant and just about ourselves. You might meet people who are willing to learn and grow while others won’t care or just don’t want to, or think they know so much already. Yet, there’s always room to learn more no matter how much you think you know, it’s just another excuse.

Thxs for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a nice day.

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As most people know, American food is very fattening and unhealthy.  Many Americans eat fast food on a daily basis because it’s cheaper than healthier options. McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, Sonic, and many other drive-thru places are very affordable but aren’t the best options. They are popular among many people to eat. Our lifestyle is pretty face paced even when eating, so we tend to grab the quickest thing that we can put in our mouths just to get to our next destination. The constant commercials don’t help with their good-looking food. All put together and shiny, and delicious looking. Americans are always trying to get to point A to point B as quickly as possible, even if just going back home or to quickly satisfy needs like hunger with a Big Mac (burger). Going to a typical store everything has preservatives in them and other non-known ingredients. I don’t know what the ingredients are saying on the back of a bag of chips or even sugar. A lot of prepared food is bought, for instance frozen dinners. Popular name brand frozen dinners would be Hungry Man, Banquet, Stouffers, and etc. They are quick to cook and unhealthy as well. We are a junk food nation. Let me tell you. I use to do this as well everyday but know only once a week.

Chips, cookies, ice cream, soda, and candy just to name a few are foods that many eat just to eat. We don’t have to be hungry to put food in our mouths. We eat to just eat. Watching tv, eat, listening to music, eat, on the computer, eat, outside chilling, eat. Bored eating is a big thing. And be mindful since fruit and vegetables are expensive for many Americans many of us don’t grab a carrot or celery to eat. We grab the Lay’s chips that was for the whole family to eat to munch on.

Not only that but we’re very wasteful when it comes to food. There are so many places that just throw food away instead of giving it to homeless shelter or charities. Many places rather put it in the trash if they can’t make a profit off of it. Even in our households we’re wasteful as well. We buy so much and don’t even eat it. Just throw away so easily or give it the dogs. If you no longer want something or you waited to long to eat it then it automatically goes straight to the trash. I know personally my grandma usually makes too much food to it. Even to eat as leftovers and we tend to throw the food away we didn’t it because there was too much of it. We don’t use our food resources very wisely. We over indulge in eating on a daily basis and on top of the unhealthy choices are way cheaper than the $7 dollar salad. So if you don’t have much money expect to eat a lot of fast food or unhealthy stuff. Be ready for the grease.

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Well, from what I’ve read education in American can be a bit different from other countries. So let’s get this going.

Preschool (Pre-K)

This is optional to go to as a child. It’s not mandatory in any states as far as I know. Even though some do believe that it should be mandatory but nope. Personally I never went but my ma worked at a daycare so I learned there and from her at home.


From kindergarten 5th grade and depending on the school can go up to the 6th grade. Majority of kids start elementary at the age of 5 and some like me at 4. It all depends on your birthday and if they will accept you at the age 4 or you show capabilities of learning. The ending age of kids for elementary would be 10 to 11 years old. It all depends if the school ends 5th or 6th grade. Typically school will start around 7 am to 9 am. It all depends on the school but the majority will start around 7 in the morning. The days will end around 2 pm to 4 pm.

For instance, if you start school around 7 am, it’ll end at around 2 pm. It’s an 8 hour day for kids at school. Reading,writing,math,spelling,history (very little) and science will be taught within those 8 hours plus recess and lunch. Recess and lunch usually last for 30 minutes to an hour for each. I would recommend bringing school lunches but if you can’t, then many schools have free or reduced lunches. Just ask the school what they have to offer. The given lunches really aren’t the best and can be very disgusting.

Eww. Gross. I totally remember this and remember starving throughout the day. So if you can packed lunches are better. Usually lunch comes before recess as well.  I almost forgot!! Within those 8 hours as well kids will go to the library, the music room, the art room, or p.e (physical education) depending on the day. Also, homework will be given on a daily basis.

Middle school or Junior High

Middle school (6th-8th) and junior high (7th-9th). Don’t expect to stay in the same classroom all day like elementary. There will be different teachers for each subject. So every hour the students will walk to each classroom to learn. Instead of recess you have break time after lunch. The difference is no playing on a playground. You just talk with friends. Some schools have dances every once in a while. Homework is given on a daily and research papers will begin. The age group is anywhere from 12-15 years of age.


Beginning grades can be from 9th to 12th grade. 9th being a freshman, 10th being a sophomore, 11th being a junior and 12th being a senior and last year of schooling. Warning: Junior year is the hardest year. These last 4 years of school will determine where you go for college. So try your best! It’s pretty much like middle school. Except there is more freedom, more dances,and more after school activities that make you look good for colleges. SAT or ACT will be taken junior or senior year to determine how well you learned in high school for universities.

Elementary= Primary School

High school= Secondary School

I forgot to mention ask any school what their dress code is. Some schools have uniforms while others anything can be worn within school rules. Free/reduced lunch is for all schooling except college/university. Test will be given throughout the school year no matter the grade and school end exams will be taken yearly. It’s best for kids to do after school activities because colleges will be looking at more than academic achievements.

Well, I hope this insightful and thxs for reading. For any questions don’t shy away from the comment section.

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Fashion in America is quite trendy. I’m saying we are trend setters but our style is based on trends. We really don’t have a stable fashion sense. It seems to constantly change. I will say this. The major thing here no matter the trend is being Comfortable.  Don’t be shocked when you see people walking around in their pajamas and bed hair. Seriously, I’m sure many know of the sweatpants but it goes farther than that pajamas are worn anywhere. To be honest, I’ve worn pajama tops into stores. I don’t have the courage to wear the bottoms that go with it. As long as you’re comfortable your good. Even when going into clubs many people don’t get extremely dressed up. Some people like me will wear jeans and some take it as far as going to the club with a t-shirt on as if they wouldn’t wear it on a regular day. Being comfortable can be found anywhere. In general, making fashion statements aren’t that important. Even the shoes on our feet have to be comfy or they will be taken off asap. Even if you have to go barefooted they will be taken off by many men and women. Of course, there are people who are fashionistas and stay on point. No matter where they go, they look like a fashion magazine. Other than that whatever everyone else is wearing we are too.

(I’m talking in general, I haven’t seen every American)

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Types of Housing pt. 2

Seemed like it was so much on one post I just split it into two. Also this is all general information for more in-depth information click on Types of Housing and click on the links at the end of post.

I hope I didn’t forget any. These are the ones that came to mind. So here we go


  • Vary in size
  • Vary in prices
  • Both downstairs and upstairs
  • Utilities vary
  • Can only be rented
  • Leasing office


  • Can own or rent
  • Spacious
  • Extremely Expensive

(I know the least about them so a link will be down below)


  • Extremely expensive
  • Acres of land
  • Can buy but I’m sure you can rent
  • It’s basically like a huge house that’s as big as a football field

(Don’t know much about these either but no links :()

Many of these places in both posts include gyms,pools, and the recreational activities so make sure to ask about them if you are interested in knowing.

If you can think about having a condo or mansion I’m sure you’ll never read my blog.

Here is a link about condos:

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Types of Housing

In America we have different types of houses of course like most countries. Some of the type of housing depend on your money,life style,environment, and things of this sort. So when looking for a place just consider where and how you want to live.
The American Dream has made Houses very popular amongst all Americans. Even though the young generations don’t care much for them considering that we’re struggling and rather rent an apartment.

  • Suppose to be a great investment.
  • Established people usually live in
  • Can buy or rent it out
  • Have a landlord
  • High maintenance
  • Some communities are very strict on yard work
  • Roomy
  • Pricey
  • Mortgage
  • Space between neighbors
  • Utilities vary


  • Prices range
  • Can only be rented
  • Varies in sizes
  • Managed by leasing office of entire apartment (housing company)
  • Can either live up or downstairs
  • No real space between neighbors
  • Longer you stay the cheaper the rent
  • Utilities vary

Studio Apartments

  • Small
  • Only one room literally (everything is in room but bathroom)
  • Extremely cheap
  • No utilities (washing machine, dryer and things as such)
  • Can live up or downstairs
  • No space between neighbors as well
  • Can only rent
  • Managed by leasing office

Must make sure that everything is fine before you move in. Many will say anything to get to you to buy or rent even if they know your sink is clogged up, infested with termites and other big and minor things. It’ll extremely help to have credit but can get if you have enough money. Check out the surrounding neighborhood.

For more tips or help: