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Transportation in America

OK, so first things first things. A car is pretty much mandatory in the U.S. I know in my many countries that public transportation is a big thing but not here in general. Even jobs before they hire you ask if you have a car or reliable transportation. I mean, if you live up north like in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and places like these then public transportation is easier to depend on. However, I’m writing about what I know which isn’t much since I’ve actually had to use any of these unless I wanted to try it out.


These are not very reliable. They break down easily since most our pretty old, sometimes don’t run on time, and are slow. I remember my acquaintance of mine convinced my to hop on one of these. Well like stated above it was late and it was extremely hot considering I lived in the desert at that time. However, I wasn’t going anywhere important so I wasn’t crunched for time.  If you are trying to get somewhere in the same area then it’s pretty fine to ride around on, but if you got to get to the other side of town or a different city then you better wake up because you might have to hop on about 5 buses to get to your destination. I rarely ever see buses on the freeway (maybe 1 I’ve seen on freeway). Don’t expect just one ride and your there, NOPE!


Well…… just forget about these because they are all used to carry cargo from one state to the next. They don’t hold passengers. Except for one in phoenix I believe but it just goes to a different city though.


Only a few states have these. I’ve never seen one in my life and I’m sure most Americans haven’t unless they’ve been to the northern states. I guess these are reliable but don’t expect them to be like your countries subways (metros) because they are waaayyy slower. Did I mention are public transportation is pretty slow especially compared to other countries.

Light Rail or Trolleys

Honestly, I don’t much about these soooo, I guess that answers your question about these. Have seen them before though.


Most people don’t use these because they are expensive unless you live somewhere like New York (I think). You won’t see very many of these depending on what state you’re in.


Not very common to walk at all to go somewhere. Even if the place your going to is 5 min walking distance. People still hop in their car and drive. Most people who walk are doing it to conserve energy, health reasons, like to walk, etc.


This is the most prominent way to get around in the U.S.A and that’s because most things are so far way usually. Also, it’s easier to travel this way and run errands. Don’t have to worry about how many groceries you can carry around or anything similar to this. It’s reliable as long as you take care of your car. If your late it’s your fault no one else to blame. Also, don’t have to have a job that’s near your home. You can work in another city or different part of town easily. This is also the only way I get round. My job is 30 min away just driving my car and my university as well…so totally needed. Also, to get to most places farther away it’s easier to get on the freeway.



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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