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Fashion in America is quite trendy. I’m saying we are trend setters but our style is based on trends. We really don’t have a stable fashion sense. It seems to constantly change. I will say this. The major thing here no matter the trend is being Comfortable.  Don’t be shocked when you see people walking around in their pajamas and bed hair. Seriously, I’m sure many know of the sweatpants but it goes farther than that pajamas are worn anywhere. To be honest, I’ve worn pajama tops into stores. I don’t have the courage to wear the bottoms that go with it. As long as you’re comfortable your good. Even when going into clubs many people don’t get extremely dressed up. Some people like me will wear jeans and some take it as far as going to the club with a t-shirt on as if they wouldn’t wear it on a regular day. Being comfortable can be found anywhere. In general, making fashion statements aren’t that important. Even the shoes on our feet have to be comfy or they will be taken off asap. Even if you have to go barefooted they will be taken off by many men and women. Of course, there are people who are fashionistas and stay on point. No matter where they go, they look like a fashion magazine. Other than that whatever everyone else is wearing we are too.

(I’m talking in general, I haven’t seen every American)



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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