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Types of Housing

In America we have different types of houses of course like most countries. Some of the type of housing depend on your money,life style,environment, and things of this sort. So when looking for a place just consider where and how you want to live.
The American Dream has made Houses very popular amongst all Americans. Even though the young generations don’t care much for them considering that we’re struggling and rather rent an apartment.

  • Suppose to be a great investment.
  • Established people usually live in
  • Can buy or rent it out
  • Have a landlord
  • High maintenance
  • Some communities are very strict on yard work
  • Roomy
  • Pricey
  • Mortgage
  • Space between neighbors
  • Utilities vary


  • Prices range
  • Can only be rented
  • Varies in sizes
  • Managed by leasing office of entire apartment (housing company)
  • Can either live up or downstairs
  • No real space between neighbors
  • Longer you stay the cheaper the rent
  • Utilities vary

Studio Apartments

  • Small
  • Only one room literally (everything is in room but bathroom)
  • Extremely cheap
  • No utilities (washing machine, dryer and things as such)
  • Can live up or downstairs
  • No space between neighbors as well
  • Can only rent
  • Managed by leasing office

Must make sure that everything is fine before you move in. Many will say anything to get to you to buy or rent even if they know your sink is clogged up, infested with termites and other big and minor things. It’ll extremely help to have credit but can get if you have enough money. Check out the surrounding neighborhood.

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Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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