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Well, from what I’ve read education in American can be a bit different from other countries. So let’s get this going.

Preschool (Pre-K)

This is optional to go to as a child. It’s not mandatory in any states as far as I know. Even though some do believe that it should be mandatory but nope. Personally I never went but my ma worked at a daycare so I learned there and from her at home.


From kindergarten 5th grade and depending on the school can go up to the 6th grade. Majority of kids start elementary at the age of 5 and some like me at 4. It all depends on your birthday and if they will accept you at the age 4 or you show capabilities of learning. The ending age of kids for elementary would be 10 to 11 years old. It all depends if the school ends 5th or 6th grade. Typically school will start around 7 am to 9 am. It all depends on the school but the majority will start around 7 in the morning. The days will end around 2 pm to 4 pm.

For instance, if you start school around 7 am, it’ll end at around 2 pm. It’s an 8 hour day for kids at school. Reading,writing,math,spelling,history (very little) and science will be taught within those 8 hours plus recess and lunch. Recess and lunch usually last for 30 minutes to an hour for each. I would recommend bringing school lunches but if you can’t, then many schools have free or reduced lunches. Just ask the school what they have to offer. The given lunches really aren’t the best and can be very disgusting.

Eww. Gross. I totally remember this and remember starving throughout the day. So if you can packed lunches are better. Usually lunch comes before recess as well.  I almost forgot!! Within those 8 hours as well kids will go to the library, the music room, the art room, or p.e (physical education) depending on the day. Also, homework will be given on a daily basis.

Middle school or Junior High

Middle school (6th-8th) and junior high (7th-9th). Don’t expect to stay in the same classroom all day like elementary. There will be different teachers for each subject. So every hour the students will walk to each classroom to learn. Instead of recess you have break time after lunch. The difference is no playing on a playground. You just talk with friends. Some schools have dances every once in a while. Homework is given on a daily and research papers will begin. The age group is anywhere from 12-15 years of age.


Beginning grades can be from 9th to 12th grade. 9th being a freshman, 10th being a sophomore, 11th being a junior and 12th being a senior and last year of schooling. Warning: Junior year is the hardest year. These last 4 years of school will determine where you go for college. So try your best! It’s pretty much like middle school. Except there is more freedom, more dances,and more after school activities that make you look good for colleges. SAT or ACT will be taken junior or senior year to determine how well you learned in high school for universities.

Elementary= Primary School

High school= Secondary School

I forgot to mention ask any school what their dress code is. Some schools have uniforms while others anything can be worn within school rules. Free/reduced lunch is for all schooling except college/university. Test will be given throughout the school year no matter the grade and school end exams will be taken yearly. It’s best for kids to do after school activities because colleges will be looking at more than academic achievements.

Well, I hope this insightful and thxs for reading. For any questions don’t shy away from the comment section.



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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