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As most people know, American food is very fattening and unhealthy.  Many Americans eat fast food on a daily basis because it’s cheaper than healthier options. McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, Sonic, and many other drive-thru places are very affordable but aren’t the best options. They are popular among many people to eat. Our lifestyle is pretty face paced even when eating, so we tend to grab the quickest thing that we can put in our mouths just to get to our next destination. The constant commercials don’t help with their good-looking food. All put together and shiny, and delicious looking. Americans are always trying to get to point A to point B as quickly as possible, even if just going back home or to quickly satisfy needs like hunger with a Big Mac (burger). Going to a typical store everything has preservatives in them and other non-known ingredients. I don’t know what the ingredients are saying on the back of a bag of chips or even sugar. A lot of prepared food is bought, for instance frozen dinners. Popular name brand frozen dinners would be Hungry Man, Banquet, Stouffers, and etc. They are quick to cook and unhealthy as well. We are a junk food nation. Let me tell you. I use to do this as well everyday but know only once a week.

Chips, cookies, ice cream, soda, and candy just to name a few are foods that many eat just to eat. We don’t have to be hungry to put food in our mouths. We eat to just eat. Watching tv, eat, listening to music, eat, on the computer, eat, outside chilling, eat. Bored eating is a big thing. And be mindful since fruit and vegetables are expensive for many Americans many of us don’t grab a carrot or celery to eat. We grab the Lay’s chips that was for the whole family to eat to munch on.

Not only that but we’re very wasteful when it comes to food. There are so many places that just throw food away instead of giving it to homeless shelter or charities. Many places rather put it in the trash if they can’t make a profit off of it. Even in our households we’re wasteful as well. We buy so much and don’t even eat it. Just throw away so easily or give it the dogs. If you no longer want something or you waited to long to eat it then it automatically goes straight to the trash. I know personally my grandma usually makes too much food to it. Even to eat as leftovers and we tend to throw the food away we didn’t it because there was too much of it. We don’t use our food resources very wisely. We over indulge in eating on a daily basis and on top of the unhealthy choices are way cheaper than the $7 dollar salad. So if you don’t have much money expect to eat a lot of fast food or unhealthy stuff. Be ready for the grease.



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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