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American Weather

To be honest you have to do research on where you’re going to live. The U.S is broken into different regions. It’s different with everybody how they break up the U.S. Personally I break it to the West,East,North,South, and Southwest. I know i forgot about the Midwest and the Northeast but I tend to not think of those states very much and clump them in with the bolded. I was just stating personal opinion.


Climate tends to be great if you live in California and it depends on what part of Cali you live in as well. Places like Washington and Oregon tend to be on the rainier side. High suicide rates because of the weather but not the only factor for the suicide rates. The sun is a rare thing up there. It’s cold and rainy. Have you seen twilight before and there was no sun right well there goes how Seattle is. However, you say west most people think of Cali automatically and the great weather and beaches.


The Big Apple and hint hint I heard only tourist say the Big Apple instead of New York. I got to make sure to erase it from my vocab. Anywho, the weather is 4 seasons.  Winter, spring,summer, and fall, four seasons. The winters seem to be pretty harsh from what I see on t.v. I think a couple of years ago or whatever the snow finally melted when the summer began. That’s how much snow fell that year. They missed months of school. New York isn’t the only state, buy New Jersey, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maine and some more.


The weather is like the east and some would consider some east coast states part of the north. However, Chicago is called the Windy City and the building are made flexible for the strong winds. So that’s a factor to consider. Most people now it’ll be cold in the winter so don’t wear light clothes. Put layers of clothing on to be safe and healthy. Expect to go to work in 10 inches of snow unless there’s a snowstorm.


OMG THE BUGS!!! THEY’RE HUGE AND HAVE NO RESPECT!! When I moved down south I was terrified of the bugs, but I digressed. The summers can be humid for many people. It can get pretty muggy pretty quick. For some it takes time to get use to breathing down, so if you have breathing problems take it slow, be careful. The winters aren’t as bad like up North (and east). People tend to exaggerate when it comes to snow. One drop of snow falls and everything shuts down.


You basically living in the desert literally. Born and lived in the southwest for majority of life and the heat will kill you. You will have heat warnings so beware of the summer days. There really is like 2 seasons. spring/fall whichever one you want to say and summer. You can wear shorts and flip flops all year round. I know I did, my ma had to force me to wear sneakers in December. ahha. Don’t expect much rainfall or snow really. Expect a lot of sunny days. The heat will burn your skin because the heat is very dry. Also expect fire every year don’t be afraid.


Well I decided to put this in here, so yeah. From the little information I know about this area. It tends be windy and dusty.This is where the Dust Bowl happened, but I don’t think it’d happen again. Unless there isn’t a lot of houses around. There tends to be droughts here as well and good farming land if your’re a farmer, idk.

Please, where ever state in your going to visit or live in, do check out how the weather is. Even if they are in the same region, sometimes they can be quite different and some states are so big that the weather can be different within the areas of a state. This was just a general glance of American weather.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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