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Why are we Ugly Americans?

I think we have this stereotype because well, we live in an isolated world. I’m so serious. I hardly ever know what is going on around the world. The local news and even national news don’t talk too much about international affairs. It’s very much focused on  what’s going in America or how it affects us. Also, since we’re such a big country and most of us hardly know what’s going on in other parts of America. I’m serious! Since we don’t get too much outside information and if we do get it it’s from an American perspective which can be very tainted, because you know things will get twisted and flipped. Many of us don’t even think about going outside of America let alone a different state. If you come to America so many of us don’t have passports. I’m included in this but that will be changing shortly.

I digressed, but that’s how it is. The state where I moved to I was so shocked that there’s so many people that have never been outside the city! I was shocked but now I’m use to hearing it. On top of us not having the incentives to travel to other countries too often. We’re taught that everyone wants to come here and everyone speaks English. That’s only said because it’s the international languages despite many people from other countries not knowing a lick of English or fear speaking. So, in general when we do finally go to a different country many of us speak English to the locals, expecting to know what we are saying. Yes, many will go to your country and not learn one word. No, hello, goodbye, help me, thanks, nothing but “Can you speak English” in English. Still doesn’t makes sense because if someone came up to me speaking German in America asking me questions, I’d be like, “What?!”. So, I don’t know what my fellow Americans expect ahah. I say keep walking unless they try to speak your language.

So not only are we all about me,me,me, and some more me, we’re taught everyone is there to basically accommodate us by already being taught English in school.  Also, include we’re not totally forced to learn a language. In high school we have to take up another language for 2 yrs, however the classes are pretty easy and most don’t force us to truly learn and we do the bare minimum. As long as you get a “C” you’re good and repeat what you learned in the chapter you’re good to go. It’s never reinforced at home, where we go back to speaking English and forget what we learned that day. Things have probably have changed a bit but I wasn’t forced to take a 2nd language in middle school but you did have the option of taking Spanish.

Really in general we’re pretty ignorant and just about ourselves. You might meet people who are willing to learn and grow while others won’t care or just don’t want to, or think they know so much already. Yet, there’s always room to learn more no matter how much you think you know, it’s just another excuse.

Thxs for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a nice day.



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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