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American Music

The seemingly popular sometimes are not well-known by the public. Usually artists are mostly known by  their huge fan base only. Unless, it’s Beyonce Jay-z, P.Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears (not very popular but known), Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Taylor Swift and a few more that I can not think of at the moment. However, big names like these are known whether you are a fan or not. Their success goes beyond their fan base but known by the public. These types of artist are considered household names. So just because they seem to be everywhere and they seem popular and well-known, it’s usually just by their fans or being promoted constantly.  Also, depending on the trend of what genre is popular amongst teens are usually heavily played by radios,because they Buy and are very dedicated. So, just because you hear trap music all the time doesn’t mean everyone listens to it in America. I’m one who doesn’t, it’s very rare for me to listen to it.  Yet, it’s a popular genre right now, like a couple of years back, I believe dub step and dance music was in. So David Guetta was making him so money I know for sure hehe.

Music here is very diverse and you can find something that will peak your interest. Youtube or Soundcloud are great places to find music. You can start off with a poplar artist and before you know it, you’re in the depths of Youtube. Hopefully not to far into but enough to find new music and maybe some great not so known artists. You might find some artists that are trying to crossover into the American industry as well. Personally, have found new artists this way and discovered new music I love. I have not really used Soundcloud but if there is a link I use it then to listen to music. A lot of artists put music here to promote themselves (mixtapes and such) or people put music in their for other people to listen to their favorite artist. It’s like Youtube but just music only.

Pandora is a good place many people use to listen to music and it shuffles the music. So you might find a song that you like. It’s basically a radio for your phone, computer, tablet, or any device you’re on. It picks the songs to play in a spontaneous order.  Warning: Don’t skip too many songs. Choose wisely.

Like our fashion are music can be very trendy as well. One minute someone hates this genre and once it becomes popular they suddenly love it and nothing has changed about it. I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong it, if you finally give a genre a chance but don’t pretend to like it to fit in. It’s not worth it.  Also, many artist don’t become household names no matter what they do. Which is why many artist do outrageous things to gain attention by the public. Cultural appropriation, racist statements, disgustingly trying to be sexy (Miley with Robin Thicke) ugh to theatrical or dramatic performances, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj (Roman in Moscow). Even though, I could be wrong some of these artists are just like this because they went to art school, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj I know for sure did.

Another thing, our music is very expressive. Artist don’t have real restrictions on their art. So however they feel goes in their music. They don’t have to really sugar coat it, maybe the pop stars do though. They are free to be whoever they want to be and thought they couldn’t be. The music reflects that definitely.Anything goes. Soulful, cute, sexy, hard, animated. It’s all bout how you want your music to portray you and hopefully have people relate or love it.

I will say this it’s seems to be pretty hard for non-Americans as musicians to break into the American market. I think Adele tried for awhile. I remember her song Chasing Pavements but I don’t think it got very popular here but Rolling in the deep changed that. Carly Rae with Call Me Maybe (maybe a one hit wonder) and I’m sure there are more that I don’t even know about, just because.

Well, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed or your interest was piqued.



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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