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Food in Memphis

Since, I’m currently in Memphis. I will be writing about this state the most until I graduate with my bachelors :). Memphis is known for its barbecue and its not hard to find some good barbecue so I’m going to talk about a food that I like and hard to find. Ethiopian food!  Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant! Hmm, my first time trying it was a good experience. The owner seemed suspicious  since he never saw us before but I’ve gone back again and he has warmed up hahah. Most people are like that since I look like a teenager and there was a older crowd coming in so I was the only youngin in the building with my little friend.  Anyways, it’s a seat yourself place and it’s small very small. I saw maybe 11 tables. When first going in you can tell it definitely needs some work but the tables and chairs and utensil are very nice. The overall decorations were making me think how sanitary can this place be, but then I remembered the most cleanest looking restaurant can be the most disgusting but that’s another story for later. 20160129_160234

I ordered the lamb and the veggie plate which our two different platters. OMG, those beets were delicious. Like I can’t wait for the summer because those beets were so refreshing it was like drinking water in the middle of the Arizona desert. I was so shocked it was my first time eating beets too, so it was like wow! They were sweet but not like fruit sweet or anything but sweet nonetheless. That was what stood out the most. My friend LOVES the bread called injera. So, you put all the veggies in it and roll it like a burrito and eat. At least that’s what I do. If you do what I do then then you can definitely share it between you and another friend. It cost us around $20 maybe a little more.


So the lamb and jalapeno is in the middle surrounded by the beets,potatoes, split peas, lentils, cabbage, string beans, and other veggies (forgot what they were) and all of this is on top of injera and you get injera on the side as well in a basket. It’s a must to try and it’s locally owned.

They also have a buffet from Mon- Thursday or Friday before 1 but I’ll have to clarify on that when I go back.

When looking for this place make sure you look closely its hard to spot because its in a tiny blue plaza right next to a restaurant called rock live house.

2600 Poplar Ave #115, Memphis, TN 38112



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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