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College Life in America

Ok, so college in America is difficult. College and university are pretty interchangeable by the way. So, to get into college you have to take the SATs or the ACTs. These are standardized tests that test your ability to remember what you learned throughout high school. It is usually taken junior year of high school but others do take it during their senior year as well. Different states do different things. Like in Arizona where I’m from we are told to do the SAT but you can do the ACT too. While in Tennessee, well at least in Memphis, they are told to take the ACT.  So once that is done and you get your grade, you can redo it or start sending to universities that you are interested in. Personally I was average ranking, whatever. I would’ve done better but I didn’t even study to be honest. I was too busy focusing on the homework I had in hand I was so stressed I decided just to do community college. I’m totally serious, I really said F it and was near stress free and I don’t regret it.

Anyways, enough about my nonsense. So, during high school many try to get scholarships as well but you can definitely start doing it once you get into college as well. It doesn’t matter. You can also get some free money with a Federal Grant or any other grants, which you don’t have to pay back. However, you get a student loan,be careful. Take what you need because you have to pay back double the amount you receive. The school can offer you a loan or you can get some from banks that do students loans. Try to get a subsidized loan if you can. It can help while you are in school.

Yes, parties do happen at sororities and fraternities but they also do charities and volunteer work as well. Not only that, but joining one can help you wherever you are. You need a job maybe the interviewer was apart of your sorority. Automatic connection and you got the job if you qualify because they must help their brothers and sisters. Also if you go to a party got to be careful because people do get raped and taken advantage of. Don’t drink just anything that is handed to you no matter the pressure, if you get pressured. There are so many clubs and organizations to join to make your resume look better or to gain some friends.  Also, there are so many places to make you comfortable and most people mind their business and go about their day. I’m serious you can ride an elephant to school, use toilet paper as a blanket and people will keep it pushing. Too much work to be doing to worry about why you running around with a parrot on your shoulder and why you eating slice cheese out of a cup with a knife.

If you’re an international student or studying abroad in America. There are programs that you integrate with life and meet other people in your situation and natives where you are studying at.

People commute to school in every way possible. If they could land a plane on the property people would get to college by flying. I’m sure once they become cheaper people will hover board to school if they aren’t already.

There’s a gym, pool, and other activites that you can do and get into for physical fitness. It really depends on the college. Just give them a call and they’ll direct you to who you need to talk to.  There’s a cafeteria area where you can eat food and all types of yummy food and drinks.

Ok so you’ll spend most of your time doing homework. So if your laptop is not your bestie it will be. I know mine is. It also depends on your major like mine is business and it’s not too bad. It’s not like my friend who is in nursing school who has 5 papers due all in one day. It has definitely affected her sleep pattern. Well, I’m chilling and not stressing too much. I mean my ex-co worker (nursing school) boyfriend is getting his masters in Management or whatever and she does some of his homework for him. A nurse doing a business major homework without problems. So, I’m good for right now. Especially since I start my work right away these days. I also tend to be able to write a lot hehe.

Overall university is fun and stressful or just stressful but it’s up to you and what you are doing.



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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