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More Money More Belly

As a nation we’re pretty greedy.  There is no denial in that. I’m telling you. Companies are very money hungry and will do anything to get more. They tend to not take responsibilities of their actions on how they got so rich. For instance, paying people cheap wages and then turning around saying American jobs are being taken. No, labor is cheaper elsewhere so you’re not trying to hire here and less people would buy the products. If labor was done here in America then prices on goods would definitely go up. Not only that but nothing is given for free even scraps. We waste millions of food and companies don’t donate the leftovers to shelter that need it. They just throw it away in landfills. It seems that they think if they give their products out free then maybe people will expect to pay lower prices which is not the case or they want to sell what they have and rather throw it out than to give it to people who need it but can’t pay. Companies work us hard but give us little pay that barely pay bills. For instance, my boss asked me to work a double for tomorrow, when I already working everyday so another girl can get a week vacation. I agreed to do so for minimum wage which is 7.25. On top of that I’m suppose to go to the bank since I have a car despite it acting up (I’m going to have to tell him that) and wait in line, like that’s a manager’s job, so get one. On top of that he wants me to work a double at a different location. So, I’ll wake up early drive 30 min or more to a store I’ve never been to then after I work 7hrs drive another 20 min to the other store that I really work at and work another 7 hours. All that for 7.25. I don’t think so, I will not. They will squeeze every inch of sweat off of you to get there money worth and complain about increasing your pay. Hmmmm.



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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