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Grocery Shopping in America

So, this kind of ties in with the Food post but, I wanted to get into a different area of food. Where do Americans shop for food. Mostly in supermarkets. We hardly ever go to farmer’s markets or open markets like in France.  Even the food that’s suppose to be organic is sold in chain (super)markets.

Walmart: This place is like the McDonald’s of grocery shopping. Like McDonald’s only recently have they closed some stores down but it was very shocking to a lot of people. This store speaks to the masses of America because they sell products at a cheaper price than most. It’s their slogan “lower prices” and if a store is selling a product at a cheaper price and you show an employee this store is selling it at this price Walmart will sell it to you at that price, just to make a profit.  Walmart has pretty much everything you need. Tires, radios, fishing poles, yoga mats, toys, bikes, veggies, meat, cereal, clothes, shoes, bras, etc. I mean everything, they have their hands on a lot. However, they are seen as “ghetto” to some unlike their sister brand Sam’s.


Sam’s club: Ok, before going in you have to have a membership, so don’t bother if you don’t.  Well it was originally created by the same person who created Walmart. Instead their target market seems to be people in middle class areas who have kids. Everything is packaged to buy in bulk. So, don’t go in there expecting to buy 1 paper towel. Oh no, you have to buy the 36 pack.  It’s like a mini warehouse type of vibe too. Best part is that they give out free samples of food. Hmmm, so delicious. Only reason why I go with my grandma there, hahaha.  As far as I know they have one competitor.


Costco: It’s like Sam’s club, just there competitor. Except I think you can go in there without a membership. I haven’t gone in there in so long, I don’t remember. Costco tends to be a better company when it comes to their employee benefits.


Target: Is the upscale Walmart. Personally I shop at both but as some people will say I’m bougie. So, I would never buy clothes at Walmart but I would definitely buy clothes from Target. I just buy food from Walmart. Target sells food as well but doesn’t have much variety and its more expensive and Target is more for clothes, furnishings, health, beauty, those types of things. Target is more so for middle class people who can afford to pay $4 for orange juice and $20 on a shirt.


Whole Foods: Is for people who are into being healthy. Everything is “organic”. They have every trending diet and anything vegan you need if you’re a vegetarian or vegan. I’ve been in a couple of times but it’s like Target. Expensive. Anything in America that’s healthy is overpriced. So, I can’t tell you more than this about this store.



Aldi’s: I go here to shop for my veggies and fruit. They have healthy stuff here but at a cheaper price. However, it’s not a big store like Whole Foods and only select areas has an Aldi’s.  They always have sales on their fruits and veggies especially if it’s in season. And I love it. They are like Target when it comes to variety in food. There’s not much to look at.


Kroger’s: Similar to Target and Walmart. Its prices I would say are in between Target and Walmart prices. This store is big on their loyalty program. So if you have a Kroger card you can get “discounts”.


Trader Joe’s: This is a competitor of Whole Foods. Very similar to each other.trader-joes

There are plenty of other places but I can’t remember them at this moment or they are more local and will only find in those states or cities.

(non of these photos are mine just googled them)

Thanks for reading! 🙂





Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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