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To be an Extrovert or Introvert in the US

Ok, so it’s clear to say that most Americans are extroverted if you don’t know what that means then look it up! I’m just playing. An extrovert  is someone who gets energy from being around others while an introvert is someone who gets their energy from being by themselves. This is not say introverts don’t like socializing but they do need alone time. So, being an extrovert in America is waaaay better than being an introvert.

In school settings you’re treated better if you’re louder and interact with your classmates. As the cliche goes a closed mouth doesn’t get fed and this definitely applies in America. Even if you’re obnoxiously loud most people think that’s better than not talking at all as most introverts do. They will constantly ask you why you’re quiet and why don’t you talk. Trust me I know it’s annoying. You lose points in class because you don’t feel the need, not in the mood, or have an anxiety so you don’t want to participate in class discussions.

In work settings, it’s pretty much just like in school. If you don’t talk or speak up people will try to get over on you and treat you as a doormat if you let them. Also, say goodbye to being promoted because it doesn’t matter how long you’ve worked for the company but who you know and if they like you or can remember you. So of course, extroverted people have the upper hand in the US once again.

Dating situations,like I said before a open mouth doesn’t get fed. If you don’t speak people will assume you’re weird, a bitch, prissy, or unapproachable. Therefore, you hardly ever date people as an introvert because you’re unapproachable, unless you’re drop dead gorgeous (cliche). If you’re a man and can’t speak up, Good Luck! Most women want someone who approaches them though this is changing. A lot of women are starting to approach men first though.

Overall,  If you’re introverted and you want to fit in, pretend you’re an extrovert because you will have a better experience.


Thanks sooo much for reading!! 🙂



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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