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American Dating

Just like any culture we have our own dating culture. It’s has changed a lot over the years and is constantly changing.

So, to be fair I’m very young early 20’s so this is my perspective of my generation. 

Hmm, where can I start. Usually the guys take charge and talk to the women first but that’s starting to change and a lot of women are starting to become the “hunters”.

There really isn’t any courting at all, just flirting until someone asks each other to be a girlfriend or boyfriend. Most people don’t go on dates to get to know each other. People go on dates after they are officially together usually. Most people will ask to hang out or just want your number but nothing too serious. Guys usually don’t want to pay for dates because the girl might not actually be interested, he’s cheap, or a pig.  So, don’t expect much romance. A lot of guys really just want to hit it and leave. So keep your guards up women if you don’t like sleeping with strangers.

So, yeah there’s really not much to say. You might meet his/her parents but that doesn’t guarantee that you’re in a relationship because really we usually don’t care what our parents think we just know it leaves a good impression on the person we’re dating and it’s something we think we have to do. Some people let you meet their parents on the first date while others wait a year or more.  It depends on the person.

Unless one of you says it’s official it’s not official! 

If you don’t ask you can end up in a situationship or being friends with benefits. The guy or the woman will not claim you as the significant other. So watch out. It doesn’t matter if you guys have been talking or acting like a couple for years. To other person you could very well be the side piece. Yes, people will play with your heart like that.

American dating is very complicated from what I see and hear. I don’t deal with people who like playing games. So I can only tell you what I see.

Also, please be careful with men there have been several cases where women have been killed because they have said No to not dating or giving out their numbers when the woman isn’t interested.

*If someone asks if you want to Netflix and chill they just want to have sex*

If you don’t want to do this please decline

Thanks for reading! I truly appreciate it! 🙂




Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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