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American Beauty Standards

Since America is suppose to be a “melting pot”  many people would say our standards include everyone but if you know better you know it’s not true. First off even though we have a high obesity rate and population compared to other countries it’s not considered the beauty standard at all. You will get ridiculed if you’re fat. Most people will judge you for being big even though the average american man is a size 34 and the avg woman is a size 12-14, if I researched that right. Skinny people are on every magazine, TV, and social media outlet. It’s pushed down your throat. Not only skinny but you’re seen as really attractive if you work out and have a toned or muscular body.


Straight hair is ideal as well. You will always see in movies when a woman or man gets a makeover they start off with curly hair and then it’s straightened, i.e The Princess Dairies (pic below). Up until recently it was very hard to find information or hair products for curly or kinky haired people. Trust me I know. I grew up with water and gel being my best friend since there weren’t many options for my hair. As well as being constantly saying, “Do you straighten your hair? I bet your hair would look better straightened.Your hair is very poofy” BLAH BLAH BLAH!


For right now, having a big butt is in but I give it 5-10 yrs before everyone will go back to liking small butts again. Big breasts have been in for awhile like since Pamela Anderson so who knows when that will end.  As well as having bigger lips but that will die down as well which can be credited to becoming popular because of the Kardashians. Now none of these people started these trends! They just popularized it.


To be very honest being white or a White American is an ideal beauty standard. Latinos, Black people (African American), Native American (Indigenous), Middle Eastern, and Asians do get made fun of for their looks. Whether it’s being hairy, having a big butt or lips,wearing your hair in a traditional fashion, having mono-lids,  big noses, and other things as well. The closer you are to looking like the stereotypical white person the more “beautiful” you are or seen. You can try to rebuttal this but there’s too many facts stating this as the truth. However, don’t worry there is someone out there for you and someone will think you’re beautiful as you are.

As usually these pics are not mine.








Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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