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Personalities of the US

Ok, so if you travel around the US you will realize every area has it’s own culture. Which is why you can be a tourist as an American. There social rules that only people in that area or culture know about.

The US in the North is different from the West as well the South and East coast.

You not only have to be prepared for the weather but people’s mindsets as well. This is stereotypical view of the U.S sections.


People tend to be seen as living on a farm with their families raising chickens and cattle all day. They are seen as people who love the country and farming. They don’t do much as because they live around a bunch of crops and their houses are miles away from their neighbors.

West Coast:

Preppy and overly happy people who love the outdoors, i.e surfing, hiking. The are into the healthy way of living and are very chill. Will definitely here “like” and “omg” come out there mouths a lot! Can be seen as bimbos from outsiders.

East Coast

Rough, rude, and blunt people. They tell it like it is. They are city dwellers so they have to be like this to get through a huge crowd. They aren’t known for their hospitality but for all the buildings and skyscrapers they have that light up the night sky.


This is where southern hospitality is at. Seen as caring and sweet people that are easy to talk to. They have a lot of soul and you can tell by the cooking and music created down in the south. However, those sweet smiles and talk badly about you once you leave the room. Very religious people. The Bible belt is this area.

These are some of the stereotypes that people think of when thinking about these sections of the US. Many American experience culture shock when visiting other areas. Because eah section has its own personality.

Thanks for reading once again!!! 🙂

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Is it Safe being a Woman in the US?

Ummm No!!!! But as a woman where are you truly safe? Sexism is every where and it varies from place to place.

Of course men are preferred over women. They are treated much more fairly. Double standards is a real thing here despite how some women talk about women in other countries being oppressed as if it never happens here.

Statistically  woman are harassed the most when they’re around 12 years old here. That’s when it begins and we are forced as women to cover up despite old creepy men should know better than to oogling and touching a minor.

As in most countries women can go out at night but the darker you stay out the more dangerous it gets. Women are shot, raped, and beaten for telling men simply No to their advances even in daylight. To cut to the chase America is a Patriarch society. And in this society women are sexualized at all ages. Catcalling can be very uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous when you have a stranger that thinks they can put their hands on you. Women do get groped and harassed in crowded places, i.e subway.

Don’t let the American Feminist make you believe that only our pockets are only effected in this world and not our minds and bodies. Of course, how you are treated as woman also depends on your race. Some things might come up that “relates” to your race. Some guys will try to flirt with you calling you an Egyptian Queen (Black), Me love you long time (Asian), calling you Pocahontas (Native American) and other such things that aren’t really compliments.

Basically don’t do what you wouldn’t do at home.  I don’t write this stuff to scare but to make you aware of what type of environment you’re getting yourself into and what you will hear on the news. If you take the safety precautions you take at home you should be alright.  

Women really aren’t that safe. So do keep some pepper spray with you or taser. Better yet carry around both. Stay with a group at night. Have fun! It’s not all that bad. There some plus sides like free entry to clubs.

Hope this was informative and thanks for taking the time to read :)))

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Is America Truly a Melting Pot?

If you ask the average American they might just say yes. If you ask me Hell No! It’s more like water and vinegar trying to mix together! Seriously! Assimilation, Assimilation is the key to survival! If you stay here long enough you will start to understand.

If people think you eat weird stuff and you’re not around a lot of people that are similiar to you it can tear you down and next thing you know you’re not eating what everyone thinks is weird. You’re eating a burger and french fries too!

America has sooo many race relation problems and it isn’t just white and black. It’s white people vs asians vs chicanos vs indians vs blacks vs native americans vs asians vs blacks vs etc. You get the gist. But I will say this White people are at the top of totem when it comes to race. They aren’t called European Americans just Americans. And everyone has to assimilate to the white culture. So no more ox tails, kimchi, hot and sour soup, curry, and other stuff. I’m just kidding you can definitely eat it but you will get asked,” what’s that?” And if they have eaten whatever you’re eating it’s the watered down American version. Long story short some people will look at you weird trust me I know.

Usually though you don’t have to worry about what you eat unless you’re a kid. Kids can be cruel.

When it comes to fashion, if it’s not westernized, age isn’t a boundary and people will judge you. If I haven’t given my race away already because I like to be neutral but whatever. I wear my daishiki and people look at me like I’m an alien. I’m use to being stared at but I get more stares since I’m wearing African clothing (I don’t think they wear daishiki as often as people think). Let me tell you, if you’re Indian or Middle Eastern you get lumped together, I know Indians are Asians but that disappears in America. Ok, so any headwraps worn you will be seen as a terrorist a.k.a ISIS. I’m serious! I’ve heard it with my own ears and that’s why people don’t like me at work because I shut them down about it. You not going to talk about other people like that own my watch, just saying.  People don’t care about being ignorant at times. Stereotyping can harm you not the other person. 

Asians are lumped as being Chinese or whatever ethnicity suits that person. If that person is talking about sushi and  you’re Chinese they will still assume you grew up eating it at home despite not being Japanese and telling them you’re Chinese. This goes for all East Asians. I don’t know what happens with Asians that aren’t East Asian other some people will say you’re not really Asian. :/ . Native Americans just don’t “exist anymore” and people talk about them like they’re extinct.

If you’re talking in another language just enjoying your day, some people hate it! I’ve heard it with my own ears! That’s why I got like 3 friends, I will call you out. The languages I hear the most hate or ridicule from are Spanish, Arabic, and languages from India,Africa, and Asia. Basically, if you’re brown speaking your native tongue, this is a no no. People don’t see it as sexy like they do French or Italian. Or a language to respect like German, you get my gist ;). People have even written about it before. People will sometimes say “speak English this is America or go back home” or “can you speak English”(disrespectfully)? The latter  happens with my boyfriend at times. So much for being a melting pot right?

I can go on and on about race relations but you can google it, look up the news to see how it is overall. So I won’t go into further details.

If you read my other posts, there’s some hint hints to not actually being a melting pot. I would definitely say America is the land of opportunity. Because if you can play the game right you can make some money!

Of course, you will meet great people who will accept you as you are. So don’t accept people that treat you like trash. However, if you are treated unfairly at least you won’t be surprised. So, do make friends, speak your language, wear clothes that you’re comfortable with, and just have fun being you! At the end of the day people will judge you regardless, so be comfortable while the haters are wasting their time talking.

I hope you enjoyed reading this  :). And thanks for sparing 5 minutes of your day reading my post!

I truly appreciate it!



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Jewelry Line

So, I’m thinking this August I want to truly get back to doing this jewelry business. So, I would really appreciate if you think about me in the next couple months and check back with my blog about it a bit!

I will say this I will start off just selling here in America until I get everything running and learning how to do everything smoothly before I ship something overseas. So thanks!!

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Americans being Monolingual

I would say most Americans can only speak English. If they do speak another language it’s most likely they were raised with that language or because they enjoy other languages. Most Americans know a little Spanish and that’s because we start learning it mostly in high school but some schools start teaching another language during middle school and rarely during elementary. And when I say a little I mean a little.

Of course all of this is in general. Remember this please.

Since we are “isolated” we don’t have to really learn another language despite not having an official language on paper I would definitely say English is the unofficial official language haha. Globalization isn’t real here because people sure do act like it don’t haha.

Not only this but we are lazy and are constantly told by others that other countries can speak English and learn at a very early age. But who’s to tell you otherwise when other people on Youtube and other people who have traveled outside the country tell you this. You have people tell you I lived in this country xxx many of years and never spoke French, German, Japanses, Punjabi, etc they understand English and want to speak it. So, there’s no ambition to be bilingual.

Also, who’s trying to learn a language in high school! When you’re mostly focused on what college you want to go to. It can be very time consuming when you’re focused on colleges. Waiting until high school to add something in to the mix is very horrible! You learn the basics for 2 yrs and then forget it. It’s mandatory to take a language for only 2 yrs(this could’ve change since I graduated in 2013).

We aren’t forced and don’t truly appreciate other cultures. If and when people who come to America, assimilation is key for survival. However, I don’t agree with this but it happens. People change there last names, deny their heritage and many more culture destroying things to fit to American culture including not using there language because English is the “power” language. It’s seen as American. Patriotic at it’s finest despite patriotism declining. (I think). If you listen or watch tv shows that aren’t in English or American people tend to judge you or think you’re a nerd for it. 

I just wanted to talk about this a little because I was thinking about French class and what my teacher said was funny. He quoted, “If you speak 3 languages you’re trilingual, if you speak 2 you’re bilingual, and if you speak one you’re American.”

haha I find this funny.

Hopefully, one day I can be fluent in every language I’m learning so, I won’t be an American ahhah.

Thanks for reading as always!!

Question, What languages do you speak?