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Americans being Monolingual

I would say most Americans can only speak English. If they do speak another language it’s most likely they were raised with that language or because they enjoy other languages. Most Americans know a little Spanish and that’s because we start learning it mostly in high school but some schools start teaching another language during middle school and rarely during elementary. And when I say a little I mean a little.

Of course all of this is in general. Remember this please.

Since we are “isolated” we don’t have to really learn another language despite not having an official language on paper I would definitely say English is the unofficial official language haha. Globalization isn’t real here because people sure do act like it don’t haha.

Not only this but we are lazy and are constantly told by others that other countries can speak English and learn at a very early age. But who’s to tell you otherwise when other people on Youtube and other people who have traveled outside the country tell you this. You have people tell you I lived in this country xxx many of years and never spoke French, German, Japanses, Punjabi, etc they understand English and want to speak it. So, there’s no ambition to be bilingual.

Also, who’s trying to learn a language in high school! When you’re mostly focused on what college you want to go to. It can be very time consuming when you’re focused on colleges. Waiting until high school to add something in to the mix is very horrible! You learn the basics for 2 yrs and then forget it. It’s mandatory to take a language for only 2 yrs(this could’ve change since I graduated in 2013).

We aren’t forced and don’t truly appreciate other cultures. If and when people who come to America, assimilation is key for survival. However, I don’t agree with this but it happens. People change there last names, deny their heritage and many more culture destroying things to fit to American culture including not using there language because English is the “power” language. It’s seen as American. Patriotic at it’s finest despite patriotism declining. (I think). If you listen or watch tv shows that aren’t in English or American people tend to judge you or think you’re a nerd for it. 

I just wanted to talk about this a little because I was thinking about French class and what my teacher said was funny. He quoted, “If you speak 3 languages you’re trilingual, if you speak 2 you’re bilingual, and if you speak one you’re American.”

haha I find this funny.

Hopefully, one day I can be fluent in every language I’m learning so, I won’t be an American ahhah.

Thanks for reading as always!!

Question, What languages do you speak?




Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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