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Is it Safe being a Woman in the US?

Ummm No!!!! But as a woman where are you truly safe? Sexism is every where and it varies from place to place.

Of course men are preferred over women. They are treated much more fairly. Double standards is a real thing here despite how some women talk about women in other countries being oppressed as if it never happens here.

Statistically  woman are harassed the most when they’re around 12 years old here. That’s when it begins and we are forced as women to cover up despite old creepy men should know better than to oogling and touching a minor.

As in most countries women can go out at night but the darker you stay out the more dangerous it gets. Women are shot, raped, and beaten for telling men simply No to their advances even in daylight. To cut to the chase America is a Patriarch society. And in this society women are sexualized at all ages. Catcalling can be very uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous when you have a stranger that thinks they can put their hands on you. Women do get groped and harassed in crowded places, i.e subway.

Don’t let the American Feminist make you believe that only our pockets are only effected in this world and not our minds and bodies. Of course, how you are treated as woman also depends on your race. Some things might come up that “relates” to your race. Some guys will try to flirt with you calling you an Egyptian Queen (Black), Me love you long time (Asian), calling you Pocahontas (Native American) and other such things that aren’t really compliments.

Basically don’t do what you wouldn’t do at home.  I don’t write this stuff to scare but to make you aware of what type of environment you’re getting yourself into and what you will hear on the news. If you take the safety precautions you take at home you should be alright.  

Women really aren’t that safe. So do keep some pepper spray with you or taser. Better yet carry around both. Stay with a group at night. Have fun! It’s not all that bad. There some plus sides like free entry to clubs.

Hope this was informative and thanks for taking the time to read :)))



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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