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Personalities of the US

Ok, so if you travel around the US you will realize every area has it’s own culture. Which is why you can be a tourist as an American. There social rules that only people in that area or culture know about.

The US in the North is different from the West as well the South and East coast.

You not only have to be prepared for the weather but people’s mindsets as well. This is stereotypical view of the U.S sections.


People tend to be seen as living on a farm with their families raising chickens and cattle all day. They are seen as people who love the country and farming. They don’t do much as because they live around a bunch of crops and their houses are miles away from their neighbors.

West Coast:

Preppy and overly happy people who love the outdoors, i.e surfing, hiking. The are into the healthy way of living and are very chill. Will definitely here “like” and “omg” come out there mouths a lot! Can be seen as bimbos from outsiders.

East Coast

Rough, rude, and blunt people. They tell it like it is. They are city dwellers so they have to be like this to get through a huge crowd. They aren’t known for their hospitality but for all the buildings and skyscrapers they have that light up the night sky.


This is where southern hospitality is at. Seen as caring and sweet people that are easy to talk to. They have a lot of soul and you can tell by the cooking and music created down in the south. However, those sweet smiles and talk badly about you once you leave the room. Very religious people. The Bible belt is this area.

These are some of the stereotypes that people think of when thinking about these sections of the US. Many American experience culture shock when visiting other areas. Because eah section has its own personality.

Thanks for reading once again!!! 🙂



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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