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Barbecue in Memphis

If you didn’t know Memphis is known for their barbecue!!! There’s never a barbecue place too far away. If you’re in Memphis and want some bbq check out the list below.

I have not tried all these places due to the fact I don’t like eating pork too often and some of these places mostly serve pork but I have tried a couple.



This place is very popular!!! However, recently I’ve heard that it doesn’t taste like it use to by many people. It’s located in downtown Memphis.

Central Ave

Ok, so I have somewhat ate their food. My boyfriend was running a 5k and they donated little small bbq sandwiches to the racers and families after the ran. Personally, it wasn’t what I expected to taste. Since I always see this place packed or close to it with people always standing in line. It was average tasting to say in the nicest way possible. But hey!!! You might like it!!! So try it if you’re in Midtown in the Cooper Area.



So, this one is popular as well with having 2 locations in Memphis (Midtown and Cordova). I would say this place might good for big parties since they have family sized meals.

One & Only

Now this place right here is DELICIOUS!!! The sauce is so good! I’ve sent many people here and I haven’t heard a complaint about it yet! Like seriously!! I would definitely recommend. It’s also in Midtown Memphis.

Germantown Commissary

My manager swears by this place!!!! It’s her favorite and she always sends people here. She hasn’t heard any negative feedback from them as well. This place is located in East Memphis.

If you’re looking for a place that’s not a restaurant and want to eat bbq on the go then check out these places.

Tops Bar-b-q


In my opinion this place was so gross. If you like extremely tangy bbq sauces then this is the place for you. If you don’t then run away! It just didn’t suit my taste at all.

Big Bills BBQ

Ok, so this place is pretty good but not as good as it use to be. I hope my grandma doesn’t read this because this is her husband’s brother’s place. Over the years it seems the workers have been stingy with how much sauce they put on the meat.


(None of these photos belong to me google images)


Thanks for reading once again!!! And remember if you come to Memphis try one of these places. 🙂


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Individualism in America

Being an individual is a big thing! A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. This means if you don’t speak and make yourself known you won’t be noticed or given opportunities. So, it’s all about standing out from the crowd.

Our language shows this. I don’t know any language were “I” is capitalized in a middle of a sentence. People who don’t follow trends or are trendsetters (especially) tend to be praised.  A lot of people think they’re unique even if they’re not just because they put their own spin to a trend that a lot of people but not the majority are doing. So you’ll see people doing their own thing or not tending to care what other’s think of them. Or that’s what it looks from the outside.

Standing from the crowd is a big thing here. That’s why many people try to be trendsetters but it doesn’t always work out that way.  Not only that but people are always creating new things or improving what’s already been created because capitalism ($$$) is a great incentive for people to think.

As well as we can be pretty selfish overall. Especially, against other countries. It seems that they are more willing to share or maybe that’s from the outside. This of course is my opinion of the U.S in general.

Overall, I would say we are a pretty individualistic country.  So being yourself isn’t so bad here.