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Labor Day (American Holiday)

So today is Labor Day and it’s celebrated every first Monday of September. Which means, people who work white collar jobs got off, i.e managers in Wall Street, Google,FedEx, IBM, or anything job dealing with administrative work. Have the day off to celebrate or just relax.   However, blue collar workers, i.e waiters,baristas, anything customer service related, janitors, or any job that deals with manual labor, must work on this day. Ironically, this day was meant for blue collar workers, however like most things the wealthier people won and made it about them having a break.

Also, Labor Day signals that fall is here and don’t wear white. But I still wear white and rock it!

Honestly, Labor Day isn’t that big. People in general don’t celebrate it like they do Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. You have some people who just want to party no matter what and others just sit at home on this smaller holiday. However, since I’m a blue collar worker, I have to work today. Yipee (sarcastically)!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!! I really do appreciate it!!!




Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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