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Natural Store in Memphis

So, do you use natural products and happen to be in Memphis or live in Memphis. Then check out Bubble Bistro. So, far I’ve been twice and I’ve bought their deodorant and soaps which both are Shea butter based with other natural ingredients. I believe if I remember right all their products are Shea butter based.

They have other items but I don’t use anything else really. I wanted to try a natural deodorant so I checked out the store and it small store but it was stocked and everything was made that day.

The Peach Ginger deodorant worked for a while but then I noticed after a week and half or so.It didn’t have the effect it once had. My armpits started to stink, but since I don’t sweat much, so idk how that can effect others.



Their body scrub is really good. I got the Aloha smell because I like tropical smells like coconut. It makes your skin sooooo soft. The top ingreient iss pure sugar cane with other natural ingredients like almond oil and jojoba oil. The soap is great as well and it’s shea butter based. When I went to buy the soap the owner was chopping up some more soap, she had just made.


I talked to her a bit about the products and she was nice and very confident in her products. She’s been using her products for 15 years!!! I even talked to one of the other customers in there and she said she’s been using the products for 2 years and it’s great with her sensitive skin..


The service was wonderful and everyone was really sweet!!! The girl who works there even use the products on herself and daughter who has sensitive skin. If the workers use the products, it must great and it truly is!!!!

Thanks for reading my review!!!!



Just a young woman talking about where I live and life in America.

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