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Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art

This is Pt. 3!!! Here’s Pt. 2!!

After looking at everything in the Asian art section we went into the Judaic section. So when I entered this section, I noticed right away the lighting was different. It was so much dimmer than the rest of the museum. Like the art and artifacts had their own spotlights focusing on them. Except for when you get the section were the World War II section of the Judaic section is. Then it’s lit up like the rest of the museum.

Also, there were waaaayyy less art and artifacts here. When I entered the room the first thing I noticed was this huge painting in the back. I went straight to it.


After, seeing the painting I turn around and noticed this. If I remember right I think this was pure silver, this castle model was made of. It was shiny and I felt like a moth. Especially, since it had its own lighting to make it stand out like everything else in the room.

My ma photobombed my picture walking by and smiling through the glass being weird.


This carvings of rock I believe. To be honest wasn’t to interested in these sculptures.  Except for the one on the right bottom, I really liked that one.  Upper right are oil paintings.


When you have time go and learn some history from here. It was really nice. I’m glad I was exposed to such art because I’ve never experienced this type of art and artifacts.

Thanks for reading!!!! I really do appreciate it!!! I hope through my blog you can learn a bit more about America and each state I visit or temporarily live.




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