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Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art Pt.1

Alright, so your in Memphis and you’re interested in going to a museum check out the Belz Museum. It was great to go there even though it was a bit confusing to find the museum as it was my first time going there. However, when you get there, there’s two sections of the museum. On one side of the museum is the Asian art section and it’s bigger than the Judaic section on the other side.  I’m not for sure why though. So, we went for the Asian art first. The first room we entered had this BEAUTIFUL jade carriage. O yeah, I didn’t see a don’t touch sign, my ma touched it because she must touch things she find fascinating. Even though I told her she shouldn’t touch it, there’s a sign somewhere and there was!! We finally found it!! But don’t tell anyone! So here’s some pics we took:

This is pure jade!!! Like I can’t even wrap my mind around how people could do this. Sometimes I think we’ve gone backwards because we can’t manipulate organic rocks like this by hand with such great detail!!!!!

And then next to it and in another room there were these carvings from mammoth tusks all hand made!!!! When you see this in person.  It makes you wonder what you doing with your life and how can I learn how to do this. The museum have them in a humidified glass case to preserve the tusks.


Here’s some more photos. dscn0716

This HUGE VASE is like Shaq O’Neil size. 🙂

Ok, so this is a sculpture made of jade basically in a picture frame. And it looks so thin from the pack like its opaque. The second pic is the same like a huge portrait telling a story about a popular love story. Similar to Romeo and Juliet. 3rd picture is what the emperors slept on. Look at the candle holder next to it, pure jade once again. The last pic is of the different deities of the Buddha religion who have different personalities similar to the Greek gods. I always say religions are very much the same.

The next part will be just pictures and captions.

P.S this post is so long overdue!!! I went earlier in the summer but it’s still a great place to check out!!!



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