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Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art

So this is like Pt 2 if you haven’t seen Pt 1 here’s the link.

So here’s more pictures of the Asian art section of the Belz Museum.


There’s a room full of these gowns. I just learned how to say gown in Chinese. But I forgot now that I’m trying to type it out. BLUHHH! I wanted to go off memory and write it. Anyways, all of them were cute but this one was my fav! 😛

This was the entrance. We went in backwards and that’s how I posted the blog, the way we went in. Hhahaaha :P. I’ve mentioned this several times but pure jade and like 6ft tall sculptures!!!   Ok, so the more ball/knots, personally, I like to call them Bantu knots because that’s what they look like, but I digress. The more Bantu knots are on the lions head the luckier you will be.  A lot of the lions didn’t have no bantus on top so they reminded me

Image result for bald spot

of this. Sorry of anyone who’s bald.

Ok the first picture is only showing a section of dolls that were in the room. Personally, I couldn’t full go in there because, I kept thinking, Chuckie!!  What’s so funny about me seeing this statue was that like a week before I had just watched the Monkey King. So I definitely had to take this pic.  Basically, the Monkey King is a mythical creature in several Chinese folktales.

Ok, so these women are sculptures of what the ideal women were a couple of centuries ago. White skin, red lips, oval baby face,young, you know the usual. Some of these values still hold true today. The other pictures are of cooking pots. So big, I can fit in them if I wanted to….. get kicked out of the museum haha jp.

I would show more pictures but it’s better when you come to visit Memphis, Tennessee. To come and check out the beauty for yourself.

I’m not done just yet though, the Judaic section is up next.




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