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Working in America

It can be brutal working here especially hearing about how other countries treat their workers. For instance, today is labor day. Labor day is original for manual labor workers however, it’s set up now to where people who do administrative type of work get the day off and only them.

More and more companies are getting better but when you’re at the bottom of the workers pyramid, it’s horrible!!!!! For instance, Tyson denies their workers bathroom breaks and they literally have to wear diapers and use it on themselves. I know some people who worked in other factory jobs where they only get 5 minutes breaks but work for 3 hours straight to meet a quota. It’s terrible stuff!!! Some employers don’t give you a livable wage as a blue collar worker.  So, if you’re a blue collar worker working in America, it can be brutal.

Compared to other countries our maternity leave SUCKS. We have some of the shortest maternity leaves ever and then some people don’t get paid for maternity leaves!!!!! Don’t get hurt on the job because some employers will fight nail and tooth from trying to pay for the damages.

As a white collar worker, depending on if you work for a big company, I believe makes a huge difference. A place like  Google will definitely treat their employees better. However, as I’ve never been a white collar worker since I’m still a college student I’m looking inside from the outside. Apple, I’ve known has had terrible reviews on how workers are treated and they’re a global company everyone knows and use!!

Also, where you work is very important. For a lot of people their job is them. They spend so much time at work if they were to get fired they wouldn’t know what to do or who they were.

Overall, you get overworked and depending on the company you’ll be well compensated and for others you need to find a new company.

Thanks for reading!!! I wrote this awhile back IDK why I’m just posting it!!!

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