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Be Mindful of American Manners

So, I was watching a Youtube video months ago about some of things a Youtuber noticed when she moved to South Korea. She mentioned they don’t keep the door open for you even if you’re directly behind them and how she thought they were rude at first, so I thought one day I need to make a post about manners in the US. And here’s the post!!!!

  • Keep the door open
    •        This is important!!! Look behind you when you’re going through a door. If you let it slam in front of anyone, you will get a dirty look or hear someone say you’re rude if they’re brave (my grandma). Hopefully, the person behind you just keeps it all in their head. Just make sure to keep the door open if they’re close behind, because if you hold the door and the person is 30 meters (10 feet) behind you then the person will feel forced to run to the door. However, that’s better than not keeping it open.
  • Say bless you 
    • So, you can get away with not saying bless you, if you’re in a crowded place and a stranger sneezes. But the moment you are talking with someone whether they’re a friend or not. You better say bless you when they sneeze. When I’ve forgotten to say or didn’t hear a friend sneeze, they’ll say, “You’re not going to tell me bless you? :(” People really appreciate it if you tell them this. But it’s not a deal breaker.
  • Cover nose and mouth
    • Please, don’t spread your germs around. People will look at you with disgust if you don’t cover you mouth when you cough or sneeze. We don’t wear masks so we must cover our mouths. Don’t do it with your hands but on the inside of your arm/sleeve.
  • No slurping/smacking
    • I know in other countries it’s a sign that the food is deeeelicieuuuxx but here to make noises while eating is very disturbing to others (my pet peeve). However, I have noticed since I moved to the south that people here are most likely to smack and not very many people are bothered by it. There’s always at least 1/2 smackers in the room. In other US regions I’ve been to this is a big NO! Don’t do it.
  • Don’t interrupt others conversation (age doesn’t matter)
    • Don’t interrupt others while there’re speaking, even if you’re older. It is considered rude! There’s not a strong hierarchy based off age so pretty much everyone is on equal grounds. So you can’t just do whatever you want because you’re older. If you must interrupt someone make sure you say, “Excuse me, I have something to say.” It’s rude to talk over people.
  • Give seats to elders
    • This isn’t a huge no-no, but its just about showing some respect. I’ve seen people not do it and no one thinks nothing of it or someone gets offended.
  • Age isn’t too serious
    • Most people are on equal grounds when it comes to age differences. We don’t really have polite forms like in French or Korean. However, in the south you will hear people say, “Ma’am and Sir”. These are polite words you say to people who are older than you to show respect. For instance, if an older person says something. Instead of saying, “What did you say?” you say’ll “Ma’am? Sir?”. I wasn’t raised in the south, so I usually say the first one, which some people have been offended by. Which I know understand but I still don’ say it. It seems too weird for me. Just respectful towards everyone.
  • Bump into someone say, “excuse me”
    • When you run into someone, make sure you say excuse me especially if it didn’t just brush each other shoulders, unless you in New York (NY), say excuse me. Cities here aren’t as crowded and are very roomy where you hardly are ever breathing down someone else’s neck. If you don’t say it outside a huuuuggge city, like NY, then people will say, “excuse you!” if you’re at fault.

Here are just some of the main ones I could think of. If there’s anymore don’t be scared to comment below! 🙂


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Working in America

It can be brutal working here especially hearing about how other countries treat their workers. For instance, today is labor day. Labor day is original for manual labor workers however, it’s set up now to where people who do administrative type of work get the day off and only them.

More and more companies are getting better but when you’re at the bottom of the workers pyramid, it’s horrible!!!!! For instance, Tyson denies their workers bathroom breaks and they literally have to wear diapers and use it on themselves. I know some people who worked in other factory jobs where they only get 5 minutes breaks but work for 3 hours straight to meet a quota. It’s terrible stuff!!! Some employers don’t give you a livable wage as a blue collar worker.  So, if you’re a blue collar worker working in America, it can be brutal.

Compared to other countries our maternity leave SUCKS. We have some of the shortest maternity leaves ever and then some people don’t get paid for maternity leaves!!!!! Don’t get hurt on the job because some employers will fight nail and tooth from trying to pay for the damages.

As a white collar worker, depending on if you work for a big company, I believe makes a huge difference. A place like  Google will definitely treat their employees better. However, as I’ve never been a white collar worker since I’m still a college student I’m looking inside from the outside. Apple, I’ve known has had terrible reviews on how workers are treated and they’re a global company everyone knows and use!!

Also, where you work is very important. For a lot of people their job is them. They spend so much time at work if they were to get fired they wouldn’t know what to do or who they were.

Overall, you get overworked and depending on the company you’ll be well compensated and for others you need to find a new company.

Thanks for reading!!! I wrote this awhile back IDK why I’m just posting it!!!

If you liked this article read check out my the other articles of life in America 🙂



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Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art Pt.1

Alright, so your in Memphis and you’re interested in going to a museum check out the Belz Museum. It was great to go there even though it was a bit confusing to find the museum as it was my first time going there. However, when you get there, there’s two sections of the museum. On one side of the museum is the Asian art section and it’s bigger than the Judaic section on the other side.  I’m not for sure why though. So, we went for the Asian art first. The first room we entered had this BEAUTIFUL jade carriage. O yeah, I didn’t see a don’t touch sign, my ma touched it because she must touch things she find fascinating. Even though I told her she shouldn’t touch it, there’s a sign somewhere and there was!! We finally found it!! But don’t tell anyone! So here’s some pics we took:

This is pure jade!!! Like I can’t even wrap my mind around how people could do this. Sometimes I think we’ve gone backwards because we can’t manipulate organic rocks like this by hand with such great detail!!!!!

And then next to it and in another room there were these carvings from mammoth tusks all hand made!!!! When you see this in person.  It makes you wonder what you doing with your life and how can I learn how to do this. The museum have them in a humidified glass case to preserve the tusks.


Here’s some more photos. dscn0716

This HUGE VASE is like Shaq O’Neil size. 🙂

Ok, so this is a sculpture made of jade basically in a picture frame. And it looks so thin from the pack like its opaque. The second pic is the same like a huge portrait telling a story about a popular love story. Similar to Romeo and Juliet. 3rd picture is what the emperors slept on. Look at the candle holder next to it, pure jade once again. The last pic is of the different deities of the Buddha religion who have different personalities similar to the Greek gods. I always say religions are very much the same.

The next part will be just pictures and captions.

P.S this post is so long overdue!!! I went earlier in the summer but it’s still a great place to check out!!!

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Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art

This is Pt. 3!!! Here’s Pt. 2!!

After looking at everything in the Asian art section we went into the Judaic section. So when I entered this section, I noticed right away the lighting was different. It was so much dimmer than the rest of the museum. Like the art and artifacts had their own spotlights focusing on them. Except for when you get the section were the World War II section of the Judaic section is. Then it’s lit up like the rest of the museum.

Also, there were waaaayyy less art and artifacts here. When I entered the room the first thing I noticed was this huge painting in the back. I went straight to it.


After, seeing the painting I turn around and noticed this. If I remember right I think this was pure silver, this castle model was made of. It was shiny and I felt like a moth. Especially, since it had its own lighting to make it stand out like everything else in the room.

My ma photobombed my picture walking by and smiling through the glass being weird.


This carvings of rock I believe. To be honest wasn’t to interested in these sculptures.  Except for the one on the right bottom, I really liked that one.  Upper right are oil paintings.


When you have time go and learn some history from here. It was really nice. I’m glad I was exposed to such art because I’ve never experienced this type of art and artifacts.

Thanks for reading!!!! I really do appreciate it!!! I hope through my blog you can learn a bit more about America and each state I visit or temporarily live.


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Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art

So this is like Pt 2 if you haven’t seen Pt 1 here’s the link.

So here’s more pictures of the Asian art section of the Belz Museum.


There’s a room full of these gowns. I just learned how to say gown in Chinese. But I forgot now that I’m trying to type it out. BLUHHH! I wanted to go off memory and write it. Anyways, all of them were cute but this one was my fav! 😛

This was the entrance. We went in backwards and that’s how I posted the blog, the way we went in. Hhahaaha :P. I’ve mentioned this several times but pure jade and like 6ft tall sculptures!!!   Ok, so the more ball/knots, personally, I like to call them Bantu knots because that’s what they look like, but I digress. The more Bantu knots are on the lions head the luckier you will be.  A lot of the lions didn’t have no bantus on top so they reminded me

Image result for bald spot

of this. Sorry of anyone who’s bald.

Ok the first picture is only showing a section of dolls that were in the room. Personally, I couldn’t full go in there because, I kept thinking, Chuckie!!  What’s so funny about me seeing this statue was that like a week before I had just watched the Monkey King. So I definitely had to take this pic.  Basically, the Monkey King is a mythical creature in several Chinese folktales.

Ok, so these women are sculptures of what the ideal women were a couple of centuries ago. White skin, red lips, oval baby face,young, you know the usual. Some of these values still hold true today. The other pictures are of cooking pots. So big, I can fit in them if I wanted to….. get kicked out of the museum haha jp.

I would show more pictures but it’s better when you come to visit Memphis, Tennessee. To come and check out the beauty for yourself.

I’m not done just yet though, the Judaic section is up next.


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Natural Store in Memphis

So, do you use natural products and happen to be in Memphis or live in Memphis. Then check out Bubble Bistro. So, far I’ve been twice and I’ve bought their deodorant and soaps which both are Shea butter based with other natural ingredients. I believe if I remember right all their products are Shea butter based.

They have other items but I don’t use anything else really. I wanted to try a natural deodorant so I checked out the store and it small store but it was stocked and everything was made that day.

The Peach Ginger deodorant worked for a while but then I noticed after a week and half or so.It didn’t have the effect it once had. My armpits started to stink, but since I don’t sweat much, so idk how that can effect others.



Their body scrub is really good. I got the Aloha smell because I like tropical smells like coconut. It makes your skin sooooo soft. The top ingreient iss pure sugar cane with other natural ingredients like almond oil and jojoba oil. The soap is great as well and it’s shea butter based. When I went to buy the soap the owner was chopping up some more soap, she had just made.


I talked to her a bit about the products and she was nice and very confident in her products. She’s been using her products for 15 years!!! I even talked to one of the other customers in there and she said she’s been using the products for 2 years and it’s great with her sensitive skin..


The service was wonderful and everyone was really sweet!!! The girl who works there even use the products on herself and daughter who has sensitive skin. If the workers use the products, it must great and it truly is!!!!

Thanks for reading my review!!!!

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Travels Abroad

Hey, everyone!! So I have a GoFundMe page setup because I would like to study abroad to Grenoble, France this spring semester starting January 25 through Jun. 3 (2017).

If you would spread the word or donate. I would really appreciate it!!!

I need all the help I can get.

I’m a business major with a minor in French and really love French culture and would love to experience it for myself while I’m in college and have the time.